About The Shawn Martin Group

When you buy or sell a house, it may feel overwhelming to deal with the costs, contracts, and confusion. To get the best deal possible, it is often best to partner with a real estate company that emphasizes the customer, not a commission.

If you live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and are ready to buy or sell a home, reach out to The Shawn Martin Group. Our Maryland realtors love what they do, and this passion makes us the perfect real estate company for your needs.

The Shawn Martin Group has years of experience buying and selling affordable homes in Maryland, including in Anne Arundel, Howard, and Baltimore Counties. Our team of Anne Arundel real estate agents don't bother with million-dollar homes because people that can afford those houses don’t need our help. Instead, we focus on homes for people who deserve the best house for their money. 

Our team is led by:

  • Shawn Martin - Team Leader - Learning from my experience as a successful salesman in the past, I am known for outstanding client service, 24/7 availability, personal touches, and as a skilled negotiator with the clients’ best interests at heart. I have found a niche in the real estate market by concentrating on the people and not the homes. Putting the people first has helped me gain a strong reputation quickly and allowed me to start my own business.
  • Thomas Chroniger - Agent - Thomas Chroniger represents the region's finest properties with exceptional skill using the most innovative technologies currently available. Thomas Chroniger offers ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. His years of full-time experience have given him a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace. Thomas’s drive and motivation to be the best in the real estate business have helped him excel and get clients the best possible deals.

So, what do you need to know about The Shawn Martin Group?  We want you to know that our priority is the relationships that we establish with our clients. We work for you, not the other way around. Allow us to be your guide in the real estate market by contacting our team today at [Direct]. 

Services for Home Buyers

For those interested in purchasing a home, we offer customized services, such as:

  • Mortgage calculator - This tool is perfect if you are trying to find a home within a specific mortgage range. Our mortgage calculator allows you to narrow down your search to homes with a mortgage rate that is affordable for you.
  • Mortgage pre-approval - The Shawn Martin Group can even pre-approve a mortgage for those who qualify. Learn more about mortgage pre-approval by contacting our team.
  • First-time buyers - Few moments are more exciting than buying a home for the first time. If you're a first-time buyer, we can walk you through the entire home buying process one step at a time, making sure that everything is clear to you.
  • Making an offer - When you’re ready to make an offer, our team will help you determine an appropriate amount, given your financial situation. We want you to find the perfect home for your needs at the right price.
  • Financial terms glossary - Our team believes that an informed home buyer is the best person to work with. That’s why we provide a financial terms glossary, which helps to make sense of real estate jargon.
  • Personalized home search - There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to buying a home. That’s why our personalized home search tool ensures that you find the exact home that’s perfect for you.

We also provide helpful articles, such as “What Are Closing Costs?” and “Escrow: Now What?” so that you can make informed decisions about buying your new home.

Services for Home Sellers

The Shawn Martin Group can also help those selling a home as well.  We provide tools, blogs, and services to help home sellers, including:

Choose The Shawn Martin Group for the Premier Realtors in Maryland

One of the most significant decisions you can make in your life is buying or selling a home. When you’re ready to make a move, reach out to a local real estate company you can trust, The Shawn Martin Group. Our Maryland realtors specialize in building relationships with our clients and not in high-pressure sales tactics. If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Anne Arundel, Howard, or Baltimore Counties, contact The Shawn Martin Group and our outstanding team today by calling (443) 274-1624 or completing our convenient online form. Start a new and exciting chapter in your life by partnering with The Shawn Martin Group today.